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The BIOMES NEM GmbH dedicates itself with scientifically founded Know How to the production of particularly high-quality food supplements with living bacterial cultures. The products manufactured in Germany meet the highest quality standards and support intestinal health.

There are different types of the BIOM.uniq brand available, which are recommended to customers according to their intestinal flora balance.

BIOM.uniq is the next generation of analytics-based nutritional supplements. The composition was developed by prestigious scientists in the field of microbiota, and differentiated for different intestinal flora profiles.

The basis of the recommendation of the respective BIOM.uniq type is the result of the intestinal flora analysis INTEST.pro by BIOMES.

Die BIOMES NGS is the leading provider of state-of-the-art intestinal flora analysis in Europe. The INTEST.pro analysis, awarded several times, is based on the latest biotechnological method, Next-Generation-Sequencing. This allows almost all intestinal bacteria to be identified, and interpreted. As a result, customers receive their personal microbiota profile with individual recommendations for improving the intestinal flora.